FIFA 20 is coming in September and street football is back!

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FIFA 19 was one of the biggest recent improvements in the FIFA franchise, with the kick-off sequence completely revamped, and Alex Hunter’s journey to Champions League star culminating in a thrilling third year of The Journey.
For FIFA 20, there’s no fourth year of Alex and the Hunter family, nor are there the huge revamps we saw in FIFA 19. Instead, it seems FIFA 20 will be an iterative upgrade, although several new match types and gameplay improvements may go some way to pick up the slack.
Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 20.

Be the best


Be the best on the streets.
Prove your chops on the pitch, where the rules are few and far between. Volta Football brings new match types from street football around the world — it’s not enough to be the best 11v11; can you do it in a professional futsal arena as well?

What is FIFA 20?
FIFA 20 is the 27th edition of the annual FIFA franchise developed by EA Sports. First published in 1993 and annually since, it allows you to play various types of soccer matches. In FIFA 19, the franchise gained the rights to use the Champions League name and, in tandem, launched an entirely new

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