Reds Throw It Back To The Turn of Baseball’s Century

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Got a big post today, starting with our own Alex Hider’s review of the 1969 Cincinnati Reds throwbacks, worn yesterday — Alex is a BIG Reds fan and I’m pretty sure these are his favorite of all the Reds 150-ish years of uniforms, so this was undoubtedly a big treat for him (PS: I love these too!). We’ve also got a new feature — the PL Kit Roundup from soccer buff Josh Hinton, lots of news from Paul, and much more. So let’s get started straight away. Please enjoy a look at yesterday’s Reds game.
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Reds Throw It Back To The Turn of Baseball’s Century
By Alex Hider
Yesterday, the Reds wore their 11th throwback uniform of the season — the 1969 home whites. I may be biased — last year, I wrote that the team should adopt this set full time — but this is best the Reds have looked all season.
The stripe-less jerseys and pants may seem a bit plain, but it serves the individual elements of the jersey so well. I mean, just look at how the chain-stitched wishbone-C pops against the white background.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.
Just as they did two weeks ago with the 1967 throwbacks, the Reds employed their iconic giant NOB font. Here’s a good look at two of the longer names on the team — bench coach Freddie Benavides and first base coach Delino DeShields.

As has been the case with every throwback game so far, all Reds players went high-socked. Unfortunately, not everyone wore stirrups — some simply wore plain red socks. Luckily, I didn’t spot any logo-clad socks.

Oh, you fancy, [email protected] | #BornToBaseball
— Cincinnati Reds (@Reds) August 11, 2019

First baseman Joey Votto has nailed the accessories to accompany these throwbacks (he was the only player to wear a sleeveless undershirt under the 1956 vests a la Ted Kluszewski). Yesterday, he was one of the few players to wear primarily-black cleats and fairly low stirrups — staples of the notoriously conservative Reds clubs of the era.
Embed from Getty Images
The 1969 baseball centennial patch is one of the best in sports history, so I love that the Reds chose to wear the ’69 version of these unis — even if it was at the expense of celebrating the 1970 National League championship team.

The jerseys also had the MLB logo on the back of the jersey — only that logo was rendered in red and white. It was strange seeing two different versions of the same logo on one jersey.

According to the Reds broadcast team, catcher Tucker Barnhart wore a 1969 Lee May jersey to the ballpark ahead of the game. I could do with a bit more spacing between those letters, but definitely a great move by Barnhart.

The Cubs wore their standard road grays, making for one of the best uni matchups in all of baseball this season.

Guys named Kyle: #BornToBaseball
— Cincinnati Reds (@Reds) August 11, 2019

The Reds will drop the buttons and belts for two more throwback games next weekend — they’ll wear 1976 throwbacks on Saturday and 1990 throwbacks on Sunday.
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Thanks, Alex. Great stuff. As I think most of you know, I’ve always thought 1969 was the greatest uni year in MLB, and the unis sported yesterday (and in 1969) by the Reds sure were a fantastic look.

I’m pleased to introduce a new feature here on Uni Watch — the Premier League Uni Roundup. Now, I’m not a soccer guy, but Josh Hinton is, so (at least for the remainder of August), each Monday we’ll have the weekly kit matchup for the Premier League (once I return to weekends, this will likely run on Sundays). Ready? Here we go. Here’s your…
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Premier League Kit Roundup
By Josh Hinton
Hello all fellow Uni-Watchers! I am excited to start this new uniform tracking project – much thanks to Paul and Phil for letting me do this! I will be rating each matchup in the English Premier League based on a ten-point scale. Each matchup starts at a five and, based on the aesthetics (lovely/horrendous kits, clashes, the way kits complement each other, etc.) will receive a final rating out of ten with one being very poor and ten being perfect.
Week 1 (8/9-8/11)
• • •
Liverpool 4-1 Norwich

There’s always something special about the first match of the season; it’s even more exciting when said match is aesthetically beautiful. Two of the best home kits in the league (I’m a sucker for that Norwich gradient) that complemented each other perfectly. Would be a ten out of ten had Liverpool stuck to only white accents (see 2018/19 home strip), but that is nitpicking. Lovely kickoff matchup! 9.5/10
• • •
West Ham 0-5 Manchester City

The Hammers broke out their new home strip and City debuted their Hacienda-inspired away kit, in a match that looked fine but didn’t especially stand out. Would prefer the Umbro diamond to be claret, and

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