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Adidas has defended Juventus’ controversial home shirt for the 2019-20 campaign, praising them for ‘blazing a trail’ with their new look.

Juve’s decision to do without their traditional, black-and-white stripes and go for two block colours, with a thin pink line running through the middle, has polarised their fan base.

Flames were further fanned when it was alleged the Old Lady had binned the stripes because it reminded Americans of referee uniforms in baseball and American football.

“That’s utter rubbish,” Adidas design director Inigo Turner told ESPN.

“That was never part of the process. It’s fake news, somebody starting stories, click bait, whatever you want to call it.

“We’re really aware [of the reception the shirt is getting]. We prefer when it’s well received.

“Obviously when you do something that’s quite bold, there will be a reaction at least to begin with.

“Sometimes jerseys take a little longer to become a fa

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