Can anyone stop Clemson and Alabama this college football season?

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The most important day of the upcoming college football season is Jan. 13. The venue is the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. And while there is a blank space where the names of the participating teams in the College Football Playoff championship game will ultimately be, virtually everyone has mentally filled them in already.
As a new campaign prepares for the green light this weekend, practically the only argument you will find in relation to Clemson and Alabama is which of these college powers will go into the playoff ranked No. 1, and which will occupy the spot just behind them.
Make no mistake: we are in the midst of dueling dynasties in college football, and no one has figured out a way to crash the party. Those two superpowers have met in each of the past four postseasons, with three of those matchups coming in the title game, but they head into this term seemingly even more dominant than ever.

Fans have professed boredom seeing the same two teams duke it out for the title each year and will surely complain loudly if such an outcome materializes again. That’s fine. It’s allowed. But here is a little hint: start trying to at least find a silver lining in the fact that we are seeing a historically high level of excellence. Or plan a January vacation to a destination where the locals don’t like college football.
BREAKING: Clemson ranked No. 1 in preseason AP Top 25 for first time; Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio State round out the top five in the poll, presented by @askRegions:
— AP Top 25 (@AP_Top25) August 19, 2019

“There’s no question variety would be better, but until somebody steps up and actually beats Alabama and Clemson, we should all enjoy this rivalry,” Sports Illustrated college football writer Laken Litman told me, via email. “They are the be

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