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In this article, I highlight three running backs you can trust in 2019. Before revealing my trustworthy players, let’s breakdown why it’s important to have trustworthy running backs on your roster.
While there are many avenues to a fantasy football championship, all of them require that you start at least two running backs every week in standard leagues (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex). Some players like myself tend to go RB heavy early in drafts to maximize weekly production. Other players go with a zero-RB strategy and target upside RB in the middle and late draft rounds. Regardless of your strategy, roster construction is important. It’s important to balance safe players (high floor) with risky upside players (high ceiling).
Running Backs are the most valuable asset in fantasy football. Yes, that’s an opinion but consider these facts:

The consensus top-4 ranked players overall are running backs.
There are eight running backs being drafted in the first round of fantasy drafts (12-team league).
Six of the eight most common players on 2018 ESPN fantasy playoff teams were running backs.
The RB1 in 2018 (Gurley) scored 24.5 points/game. On a per-game basis, the RB24 scored 11.2 points/game. That’s a 13.3 point differential! What that means is that the top end RBs provide a significant advantage compared to the back end starters.

For wide receivers, the differential is only 6.4 points (WR1→WR24).
Both QB and TE had a differential of 7.4 pts (QB1→QB12 & TE1→TE12).
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We must also consider that the running back position is the most volatile in fantasy football, primarily due to injuries. Therefore, running back depth is key for fantasy football success. Rather than take this at face value, let’s look at the top-24 RB rankings from August 2018 and see how many games they missed during the season. The top-12 ranked RBs (going into last season) missed an average of 4.8 games over the course of the season! That’s five games that fantasy owners had to scramble for an RB1 replacement. Coincidentally, that number was identical for backs ranked in the RB13-24 range. The average owner rotated through at least four starting RBs last season…and that doesn’t even

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