Here’s how fantasy football unites us as sports fans

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Depending on where in the United States you live, the weather still has a pretty good chance of being nice these next couple of weekends. The sun is out, the optimism of summer lingers and it is a great time to be right where you want to be.
Which is to say, stuck inside on your laptop, poring through lists of unheralded football player names and statistical quirks.
That’s right, the most wonderful waste of time in sports is returning with all the certainty of Belichickian grumpiness – with drafts, autodrafts, draft parties, mock drafts and still more drafts ready to become a part of millions of Americans’ lives again.

It’s estimated that more than 40 million people will be playing Fantasy Football this year, which comprises about 70% of the fantasy sports market in North America. For many fantasy players, it gives them a reason to care about football every week, regardless of how a real team that might merit their fandom is faring in the NFL standings.
The 2019 Thursday Night Football schedule is out!
Which game are you most excited to watch?
— FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) April 18, 2019

Fantasy football is a gorgeous sin, isn’t it? It is a guilty pleasure that, all too often, is not in the slightest bit pleasurable. It is the thing you do when you should be concentrating on so many other things — trivialities like children, relationships and your job. And we love it.
Being good at it doesn’t make you a great general manager. If you are, say, an insurance broker who happens to be awesome at fantasy, you’re not locked in the wrong profession and missing your true calling in an NFL front office.

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