Ex-WR Baldwin: No second thoughts over retiring

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Aug 26, 2019Brady HendersonESPN RENTON, Wash. — Former Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin says he has found the first few months of his post-NFL career to be more challenging than relaxing, but he has no second thoughts about his decision to walk away from football and doesn’t think he’ll ever get the urge to come back.The process of arriving at that decision, according to Baldwin, began well before he suffered a slew of injuries during what turned out to be his final season.”It was a process longer than just last year,” Baldwin told ESPN.com on Monday. “I think when you come into the NFL or any entertainment business as a young person, you have to be selfish, you have to be self-centered because it’s all about self-preservation in that arena. I’m not saying this is the general population of athletes and entertainers, but I think a lot of us struggle with the concept of having a god complex, thinking that we’re invincible and that we’re immortal in some ways, and when you start to come to grips with the reality of being mortal and knowing that this is all going to come to an end at some point, you start to see the world differently. Perspective changes. I’ve been going through that process for a number of years. It actually started my second year in the NFL, understanding that eventually there’s got to be a plan.”For Baldwin, the challenge isn’t about missing the sport that he has played for most of his life.”It’s mo

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