The best attackers in the Premier League, 2010-19: Who will dethrone Mohamed Salah?

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The most valuable thing you can do on a soccer field is score a goal. The second-most valuable thing you can do on a soccer field? Play the pass that leads to a goal. The market agrees: the 12-most expensive transfers of all time include 11 attackers and one midfielder, Paul Pogba, who is especially valued because of his ability to contribute like he’s an attacker.Without someone who can put the ball on a plate and/or put it into the back of the net, all of the other stuff — pretty passing out of the back, savvy positioning from a defensive midfielder, dervishing dribbles past a full-back — adds up to zero.But who is the best attacker in the Premier League right now? Is it Raheem Sterling, or do his super-teammates cancel him out? Is it Mohamed Salah, or does the fact that his team improved when his goal output declined make you question his value? How about Harry Kane? Maybe Sadio Mane? Perhaps Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang? Could it be… Teemu Pukki?- Laurens: Meet Arsenal’s new transfer guru
– Borden: Pulisic isn’t your wonderboy anymore
– Luck Index 2019: Who benefited most last season?Intrigued by the current question, we decided to take a page out of Bill Barnwell’s book to go back and award a “Best Attacker” belt for each Premier League season this decade.The rules are such: Total contribution (goals+assists) will be the largest factor in the decision-making process while others — per-90 rates, expected goals, etc. — will also be given weight when necessary. However, we won’t use penalty goals as anything more than a tiebreaker. (Why? Most pros convert their penalties around 75 percent of the time, and we’re not here to reward players for their place atop a subjective intra-club hierarchy!)To qualify, you need to have played at least half of the available minutes (1,710). Also, if a player is in possession of the belt, he’ll have to be surpassed by a significant margin to lose it.In other words: tie goes to the guy with the belt.2010-11: Robin van Persie, ArsenalWhat a freaking weird year this was. This season marked the first time Manchester City qualified for the Champions League, so their team included the likes of Carlos Tevez along with Micah Richards and Joleon Lescott. Jerome Boateng started 15 games for City this season! Elsewhere, Roy Hodgson was steering the Liverpool ship into an iceberg and Fernando Torres was readying himself for a move to Chelsea, while Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez would eventually arrive at Anfield. Please gaze upon the hilarity of the end-of-the season top 10 for goals+assists:1. Robin van Persie (Arsenal), Carlos Tevez (Manchester City): 263. Dimitar Berbatov (Manchester United): 244. Nani (Manchester United): 235. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Peter Odemwingie (West Brom), Didier Drogba (Chelsea): 228. Rafael van der Vaart (Tottenham): 219. Charlie Adam (Blackpool): 2010. Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool): 19If we remove penalties, Berbatov and van Persie tie for the lead in overall production with 24. The tiebreaker goes to the Dutchman, 25 years young at the time, who posted his production in nearly 500 fewer minutes than the languid, 29-year-old Bulgarian raconteur. In fact, van Persie’s per-90-minute mark for non-penalty goals+assists (1.22) has only been surpassed twice since the turn of the decade.2011-12: Robin van Persie, ArsenalThis is the year,

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