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College football is about enemies.

You love your team, of course — but who you hate reveals so much more. My squads are aight, but Urban Meyer’s ego is a war crime and Jim Delany is really what’s wrong with society as a whole. These two men represent the worst of the worst. And what’s badder than that bad, is they’ll never relinquish. For as long as we live, they will be perpetual thorns in our si–

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This can’t be possible. If I’m losing these two net negatives, why does it still feel like nothing changed? Probably because Delany’s stain on college football could last another full generation, while Urban will be back before we can blink and clearly learned nothing. I mean, look at this ass:


— Lauren Brownlow (@lebrownlow) December 2, 2018

Do you know anyone in your life who genuinely, at their core, thinks they are important? I do but can count them on my hand. I only know Urban through his daughter, but he’s No. 1 on the list:

Urban: The style of coaching Ive done for 33 years is intense, its very demanding. Ive tried to delegate more, tried to be more CEOish, but the product started to fail. I had to get right back to it. The challenge was, can I continue to do it in that style?”

— Stewart Mandel (@slmandel) December 4, 2018

“I suppose I was so great that even in trying to be slightly less great, it wasn’t great enough without me being at 100% pure greatness. God damn, I am great. THE CONTRACT.”

I usually defend celebrities when they want sympathy. It’s not an easy life, money doesn’t fix everything… but this self-victimization — especially in the wake of literally everything that happened on his watch — is light-years past clueless. I suppose these are the effects of being told you’re a god for 15 years and getting paid like it. You… you can’t be wrong.

For so long in this space, I was like Andy Warhol*, and he was my tomato soup can**. We once discussed the idea of your feelings potentially changing when your enemy is finally vanquished. How do you feel about them when they no longer pose a threat? Urban? Glad he’s gone, wished it happened sooner. He was a true antagonist, both on and off the field (I am not at all equating the two). Hope he never comes back, but we all know better.

During my lifetime, I’ve seen Ohio State head coaches get fired for punching players, losing to Indiana, losing to Michigan, and cheating. But I’ve never seen one retire on his own accord. Congrats, Urbs. You will not be missed.

— jamie mac (@justcoverblog) December 4, 2018

(* – I am not Andy Warhol)
(** – Urban remains a can)

* * *

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James Edward Delany. If Urban Meyer is new school evil, Delany represents the oldest of all schools. I once coined him The White Malcolm X for a reason. But even he is finally relinquishing his death grip on our conference… only after doing the classic old guy thing where he’s like “I’m gonna retire! But not right now right now, because I wanna get more money first while you talk about my Legacy every step of the way. Good? Cool.”

Dan Wetzel:

As for the football playoff, he hated it, even if turned out to be good to the Big Ten. Ohio State doesn’t get to play, let alone win, a national title in 2014-15 under the old BCS. The current four-team model was a compromise, of course, to appease the Delany set. It would be even better if it contained eight teams and included an automatic bid for the Big Ten. That would increase the value of the regular season and assure the conference a spot at the table, but Delany was against it.

Why? Who really knows?

It likely centers on the fear bowl directors have about on-campus playoff games. Delany once claimed that the creation of a playoff would cause bowl games to die off. It sounded like a bowl industry press release. The playoff did arrive, though, and there are more bowl games than ever.

A playoff home game in the Midwest would be a competitive advantage (let’s see some SEC team play under falling snowflakes in Columbus or Ann Arbor), not to mention an economic boon for traditional college football towns that have supported the sport for generations.

Instead, Delany favored everyone flying to Arizona or Florida or California to drop their discretionary income out of the region.

Again, who knows? It doesn’t matter anymore, though. He’s retiring, the end of a formidable era in college athletics.

Money got made. Some traditions were defended to the bitter end. Others got chewed up in search of cable subscribers. Gulp, Rutgers is here to stay.

For college football, and those seeking playoff reform, there is increased optimism for the future.

No knocking Jim Delany. All hail the king. For 30 years, he almost always got what he wanted.

Not at all here for the “Even though he sucked, he did it his way!” takes.

On his way out, Jim Delany still says the absence of freshmen ineligibility is hurting college athletics.

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) July 18, 2019

Fuck him.

Maybe the new guy will usher in a new era of ch–

Kevin Warren not ready to offer opinions yet on athlete compensation, CFP expansion and other big-topic issues. Wants to spend time around Jim Delany and the league before doing so. #B1G

— Adam Rittenberg (@ESPNRittenberg) June 4, 2019



But Kevin Warren getting poisoned on Jim’s way out is a future problem for a future date. Today, we toast to victories.

Top 10 accomplishment in my journalism career is this picture/article popping up on the first page if you search the white malcolm x. And sure, the Big Ten will probably always be kinda bad… but were getting rid of Delany, yall!

— Bobby L. (@bobbystompy) March 4, 2019

The Hybrid

“If I am a little dismissive, it’s only because of my harrowing backstory”

lol, Week 0

The NCAA is truly shameless.

Miami (FL) lost to Florida (8): Fun, sloppy, heart-stopping-even-if-you-don’t-have-a-dog-in-the-fight kinda game. Was sad to see Miami go down… but it did give us this.

This guy is a visual representation of linking to your Soundcloud

— RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) August 25, 2019

That’s the good shit.

While we’re on the subject, I truly do not understand the hatred for Tate Martell. Sure, he went to tOSU. Sure, he transferred when he didn’t get the QB1 gig. SURE, he again did not get said gig down in Miami ei

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