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Often when one frequents a football match at the stadium, watches it on television, or even writes about it, the process is similar. Normally the research is done, the enthusiasm is plentiful and the conclusions of win, lose or draw are considered.

This game sees a Juventus team in the earliest throes of a revolution against a Napoli team who are now being refined like wine. This article could have been written 8-10 times and could bring up just as many conclusions, it is that hard to judge. Its outcome, and even more so what it means, is even harder to read.

Rinus Michels, Arrigo Sacchi, Pep Guardiola and Maurizio Sarri, this is the list of the most influential Coaches in recent history, according to the self-proclaiming Sacchi. For one, this seems absurd, the argument against is easy, trophies. Look at the 13 of Michels, the ridiculous success with Sacchi at Milan and well, Pep is just warming up.

Sacchi would tell you that it’s not about trophies, this list is about changing the face of footb

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