The easiest ways to legally follow the NFL this season without cable

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Football season is almost upon us, and that presents a problem for those of us who decided to stop paying for expensive cable packages.
You see, while the rest of the entertainment world has fully embraced cheap and easy streaming, it doesn’t quite work that way with sports. The major North American sports leagues understand that there’s a high demand for watching games live and have priced it accordingly.
That doesn’t mean there are no gameday options for cord-cutters, though. When NFL Sunday rolls around and your team is competing for glory, you can still catch the games without cable. You just need to understand the ins and outs of the various networks that air NFL games and what your options are for accessing them over the internet.
That’s why we’re here. Whether you root for a championship contender, a hopeful underdog, or the Miami Dolphins, there are still ways to watch without getting gutted by a cable bill.
Your personal situation matters
It’s an unfortunate reality that the NFL is still bound by old broadcast rules regarding which games can be watched in which broadcast markets. You can see every game on Sundays no matter where you live in the U.S., but how cheap and straightforward that will be can vary greatly depending on your location.
First and foremost, do you live in the broadcast market for your preferred team? In ot

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