In statement win for Wisconsin, identity made all the difference – The Michigan Daily

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MADISON — No matter who you asked, there was a phrase that reverberated through the Wisconsin press room Saturday afternoon.
“We just played Wisconsin football.”
There’s a very specific style the Badgers are known for. It’s physical, bruising football, with a stout running game, a steady stream of overpowering offensive linemen and a lockdown defense. Done right, every opponent slowly has the life sucked out of it. For years, they haven’t deviated, and there’s a reason: it works.
It certainly worked Saturday. The linemen opened up gaping holes for Jonathan Taylor to burst through. Wisconsin ran three times as much as Michigan and gained 319 more yards on the ground. The defense pitched a shutout through the third quarter and wound up with a blowout, 35-14.
As the Wolverines were on the other side of the stadium, talking about how they didn’t yet have an identity, the Badgers made one thing clear: they know exactly who

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