Usage Notes – Week 3, 2019 –

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Each week we’ll review some interesting data points related
to player usage; information I consider to be among the most predictive
and actionable in fantasy football. The truth doesn’t always
lie in the stats but usage tells the story of how a coaching staff
intends to utilize a player.Here are some of the most important usage statistics for Week 3:Running Back

Nick Chubb
was on the field for 97% of snaps in Week 3. It appears the
coaches realized taking him off the field on third downs was
only limiting their upside on offense. Leonard
Fournette was on the field for 100%. While neither had a
big game, the potential is there for both as true three-down
Freeman, Alvin
Kamara, and David
Johnson all saw healthy increases in their snap percentages
on Sunday, when compared to Week 2. They all went from 60-65%
of snaps to 87-90% of snaps. That is excellent news for their
potential touch counts moving forward.
Johnson also jumped from 57% of snaps in Week 1 and 54%
in Week 2 to 75% of snaps in Week 3. It did not lead to a ton
of production (20-36-1; 1-7), but it is a good sign that the
release of C.J.
Anderson could lead to more touches and stats moving forward.
Rex Burkhead
played an amazing 74% of snaps for the Patriots. It is hard
to know whether this is a trend or just because the Patriots
got an early 20-0 lead on the Jets, but it is something to watch
moving forward.
James Conners
snaps increased to 68% in Week 3 (up from 46% and 54% in weeks
1 and 2). Although he did very little with those snaps (13-43,
4-14), it shows the coaches prefer him to be on the field. If
the Steelers ever get their offense going, Conner is in line
to turn things around.
Elliott fell to 67% of snaps, but it was only because the
Cowboys had a signicant lead heading into the fourth quarter.
Dont read into Tony
Pollards usage, even though he was very effective with
those touches.
Williams played 61% of the Packers snaps in Week 3, to
only 39% for Aaron
Jones. He also out-touched Jones 14 to 11. So, Matt LaFleur
was not blowing smoke when he said he wanted to get Williams
more snaps. Most analysts believe Jones is a superior back,
although Williams did produce more per touch on Sunday. In the
end, the coach is showing you what he thinks, so until his mind
is changed lower your expectations for Jones and move Williams
on to your radar as bench depth. Dalvin Cook
played on only 60% of snaps, mainly due to game script as the

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