Does Arsenal’s disciplinary record show they have their nasty side back – or is it a weakness?

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During the latter years of the Arsene Wenger era it became a frustratingly common occurrence to hear Arsenal described as having a ‘soft underbelly’.
The problem was, so the narrative went, Wenger’s team didn’t like playing physical teams. They lost with remarkable regularity against teams like Blackburn, Bolton and Stoke. Particularly on a wet and windy night, of course.
Physical Premier League teams managed by Sam Allardyce and Tony Pulis are a thing of the past for now so Unai Emery’s new-look Arsenal doesn’t have to deal with that type of challenge (lucky him!), but there is a feeling that the current team have a nastier side. The most successful Arsenal teams were incredibly tough and there are certainly a few fans that believe a lack of bite was the m

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