The Problems at AC Milan Run Much Much Deeper Than Marco Giampaolo

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If current reports are anything to go by, Marco Giampaolo’s days at Milan appear to be numbered. 
It seems that yet again, the manager is going to pay the price for Milan’s substandard performances. When are we going to get to the point where the Milan hierarchy that the problem lies with them and not the man on the touchline?

The names being linked to replace Giampaolo are hardly inspiring. 
Stefano Pioli? Really? 
Sure, he did a commendable job at Lazio and Fiorentina, but this guy goes through the same cycle with almost every club he’s managed. He starts really well and then, for some reason, the form dips and he’s given the boot. 
Luciano Spalletti? Another guy with a decent track record and yeah, he’ll turn Milan around. In the short term. However there’s a reason Inter replaced him with Antonio Conte despite being the best manager they had in nearly a decade. 
There’s also reports that they may bring back Gennaro Gattuso. He left at the end of last season, just when it looked like he was getting the best out of his Milan squad. He came agonisingly close to getting I Rossoneri into the Champions League places and he appeared to be the ideal long-term solution for Milan. 


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