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Sony continues to slowly release information about the impending PlayStation 5, meaning it can be difficult to find all the relevant details in one place. Sony first confirmed the existence of a new PlayStation back in October 2018, although it didn’t reveal the console’s name until October 8, 2019. Eagle-eyed fans went as far as to track down the dev kit, which was codenamed Prospero.
For those who just want a quick rundown of the upcoming system, HYPEBEAST has collected all the information available about the next-gen console into one piece. Read on to see everything there is to know about the Sony PlayStation 5 before its release in the Holiday 2020 season.

CPU: The PlayStation 5’s system consists of an AMD chip based on Ryzen. It has 8x cores and 7nm Zen 2 processors. The Zen 2 chip was unveiled in June 2019 and is notable for separating the CPU and I/O parts into smaller modules.
GPU: The graphics processing unit (GPU) is a custom AMD Navi unit that supports ray tracing at a hardware level. Ray tracing is important because it’s a rendering technique that helps lighting effects become far more realistic than other attempts seen in gaming.
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