MANDEL: Dad of bullied son knows heartbreak all too well – Toronto Sun

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Craig Wilson knows only too well the pain that comes from losing a child to bullying.He knows the anger of seeing your son being tormented and the helplessness of being unable to stop it.Eight years have passed since his boy was driven to suicide, but the agony remains.And so he was devastated to hear about this week’s fatal stabbing of 14-year-old Devan Selvey outside his Hamilton high school.His grieving mom, who witnessed the attack, told reporters her son had been bullied by a group of youths since the start of the school year.“You know what that parent is going through, and to actually watch her son being killed, I can’t imagine the horror of watching it go down,” says Wilson, 44.“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. You do everything you can to protect your kids and to see it happen before your eyes…“Why?” he demands.“What’s wrong with these children to think this is okay?”Those are the same questions Wilson asked so many years ago.His son’s tragic death made headl

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