National Tight Ends Day

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The Story of National tight Ends Day
At the dawn of the NFL, the game was simple. Run left, run right, run up the middle. But over the years the sport of football, much like America, has evolved. With landmark innovations that historians use to mark eras in time. The huddle…the forward pass…the first down…all additions that changed the game for the better. Here is the (possibly) true story of just how the tight end became more than just another offensive lineman:
Legend has it that early in the 1961 season, after a routine football game of stalled offenses, coach George Halas had a vision of Football Future. “What if we took our fastest blocker,” Halas might have said about the idea that supposedly came to him in a dream, “and moved him away and close to the line, depending on his function in the offense. That way he could both catch passes and block”. And so, a

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