Oh Great, La Liga Is Trying To Bring A Regular Season Game To Miami Again

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A year ago, the dipshits in charge of Spain’s top soccer league and some dipshits on the American sports marketing scene conked their little pea-brains together and came up with a 15-year contract that would see one La Liga match played in the United States every season. Because the parties involved are, as previously mentioned, dipshits, their plan to bring a Barcelona-Girona match to Miami last season crashed and burned. Unchastened by that debacle, the dipshits are back at it again this year. And once again, they look primed for failure.This morning, La Liga, Atlético Madrid, and Villarreal officially petitioned the Spanish soccer federation (RFEF) to allow those two clubs to play their scheduled Week 16 match on Dec. 8 in Miami rather than Villarreal. In their joint statement, the parties invoked all the same phony ideals the league tried to use last time to disguise the fact that the plan only serves the greedy interests that are an existential threat to the game itself. The joint statement is long, includes lots of flowery language about growing the game and bringing La Liga to its millions of fans around the globe, and will almost certainly lead to naught, just like last time.It appears that th

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