Can you pretzel-fy pierogi? You bet your ass you can

These addons are unbelievable!!

Even though I don’t much care for football, I do care for football snacks. During the rest of the week, a snack is a granola bar or a piece of fruit—on football days, a snack is eight wings, 17 pigs in a blanket, a pint of dip, four pieces of party sub and a plate of fully loaded nachos. Then after the game is over, you can eat a sensible dinner of a tossed salad, which you can get for free as long as you order two medium-sized pizzas.While participating in this week’s edition of The Takeout’s Fantasy Food Draft, I was struck by the sheer magnitude of the football snack oeuvre. No matter how impressive my appetite, there is no possible way for me to actually consume all the things I want to eat without some very, very bad things happening. So what happens when you find yourself faced with an impossible

Meet this huge addon!

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