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Is it still possible for lightning to postpone the game until next week? No? Welp.
Turns out the fine folks at Dish Network were just trying to do their Washington State Cougars fans a solid by pulling all of the Fox networks from the air in advance of Saturday’s game against the Utah Utes. If you weren’t able to watch the game, you didn’t have to watch this season’s trajectory go from “the Cougs can be pretty good!” to “what the heck happened?” to “what the heck are we gonna do now?” in a matter of 15 days.
For the second week in a row, this space won’t be dedicated to the standard good, bad and ugly observations (sorry to the two of you who like it), largely because I didn’t see one second of the game, and also because there might not be enough room on the internet to convey the the reasons to bench a couple players who we thought were pretty good but actually aren’t. We also know there aren’t enough words to describe how truly awful the defense is, so we’ll try and keep things a little more ‘big picture.’
As I made the two-hour post-Oktoberfest drive home this morning (where the house band was way way worse than last year), I couldn’t help but think about the parallels between this season and 2005. Despite a mediocre season in 2004, the program had earned at least a modicum equity due to recent success. When they started 3-0 after beating up on three lower-echelon teams, hopes were high that the Cougs, with their high-powered offense, could at least contend for their fourth bowl game in five years. Seven consecutive losses and countless episodes of defensive ineptitude later, WSU was 3-7.
This year, WSU started off by beating up on three weak teams, and since then has proceeded to wet the bed, change the sheets and wet it again. The hope – and that’s all it turned out to be – was that last week was an aberration, and not truly reflective of the team’s potential. The reality is that the second half of the UCLA collapse was probably much more indicative of this team’s 2019 outlook than anything else we’ve seen so far.
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