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Elsa/Getty ImagesIn Washington, it’s never really about the football.Coach Jay Gruden was fired Monday morning after five full seasons of mediocrity and an 0-5 start. He was reportedly summoned to team headquarters at 5 a.m. for maximum “firing squad at dawn” effect after weeks of speculation in what sure looked like a WikiLeaks-style effort to humiliate him on his way out the door.Team president Bruce Allen gave a rare and uninformative press conference Monday in the wake of Gruden’s firing. Allen stressed repeatedly how hard everyone in the organization is working, from coaches to scouts to team senior vice president Doug Williams. (Allen even suggested that the press could look at Williams’ “time card.”) He said the team culture is “actually damn good” and emphasized that everyone in Washington cares about winning, including himself.”The pieces are here for a winning team,” Allen told reporters. “We have to put them in the right place, and believe in each other, and keep fighting for our goal.”In truth, the pieces are not here: Interim head coach Bill Callahan takes over a directionless team with a bloated payroll and limited talent. Belief in each other and goal-oriented thinking is always in short supply in Washington. Yet Allen needs to try to reassure fans that the organization cares about winning because with Allen (who comes across as Jafar from Aladdin, but without the charisma) running the franchise for owner Daniel Snyder, winning on the field always appears to be secondary to winning the latest internal power struggle.The Redskins are a perpetual motion machine of institutionalized dysfunction, a self-sustaining source of front-office machination and backroom intrigue that also, almost by accident, produces a football-like entertainment product every autumn.The cycle has been in motion since 1999, when Snyder purchased the team and kicked off a generation of mismanagement, give or take a few brief eras of clarity. But with Gruden’s firing and the shenanigans surrounding it, the Skins have finally bottomed out.Over the weekend, with Gruden’s job security in critical condition, embarrassing and quasi-incri

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