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These addons are unbelievable.

The Pittsburgh Steelers sat with the ball on third-and-20 at the Miami Dolphins 45-yard-line with 26 seconds remaining in the first half, trailing 14-3.
Given how jittery young quarterback Mason Rudolph looked to that point, one might have expected a short quick pass to try to pick up a few yards and attempt a long field goal and avoid a big mistake.
In those situations many defenses play a zone, keep defenders in front, make the tackle and get to halftime with at worst an eight-point lead. Given that Miami had just thrown an interception near midfield, this would be an OK result for the defense.
The Dolphins instead Engaged Eight like a “Madden” player hopped up on too many Mountain Dews.

Coach Brian Flores’ team sent everyone but three defensive backs who were man-to-man against three Steelers receivers. Diontae Johnson took Rudolph’s easy hot read to the house 45 yards scampering through wide-open grass like a thoroughbred on a late-ni

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