Could an NFL team find a permanent home in London?

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When they travel to Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum for a Thursday Night Football matchup that has some serious intrigue and potential playoff significance, the Los Angeles Chargers will face a crowd that is firmly against them. The Chargers are used to playing the part of the underdog, but the TNF showcase comes at an interesting time.
This is a weird week for the franchise, which recently endured a three-game skid of appalling quality, yet outfired the in-form Green Bay Packers 26-11 last Sunday with a superb performance. That’s the Chargers. On and off the field, you never know what you’re going to get.
Coming out of that game was a bombshell report in The Athletic that a move to London was being strongly considered by both the team and the National Football League, followed swiftly by an equally bombshell denial. Can a denial even qualify as a bombshell? Chargers owner Dean Spanos certainly put explosive force behind it, with a string of expletives that left no doubt where his intentions lay.

But maybe a move to London would make sense; if not for the Chargers, then perhaps for any NFL franchise that fits the bill.
Everything that has gone on with the Chargers (who, let’s not forget, were one of the very best teams in football last season) is pretty extraordinary. It’s a team loaded with talent, and a team it seems we should be talking about much more often.
Instead, the Chargers only seem to make headlines when there are stories linking them with London, or when wide receiver Keenan Allen complains to The Los Angeles Times about “playing 16 road games.” Attendance is healthy, but Dignity Health Sports Park is filled with

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