Jets and Giants Vie for Best New York Team Not Named the Bills

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ON Pro FootballSunday’s game between the two floundering teams that share MetLife Stadium will also be a measuring stick for quarterbacks Sam Darnold and Daniel Jones. Credit…Daniel ZakroczemskiNov. 8, 2019The Giants play the Jets on Sunday. One thing not resting on the outcome of the game: New York football bragging rights.Who is going to feel boastful after this matchup of the browbeaten? If a winning player is walking with a swagger afterward, it’s probably just a knee, hip or foot injury.In the 50 seasons that these teams have been meeting in the regular season, many of the games have carried significant weight. Sometimes playoff berths have been on the line, or a path could be cleared to the postseason, even to the Super Bowl. At the very least, there was a sense that the winners left the game knowing they were kings of their domain.No one is going to be crowning the Jets (1-7) or the Giants (2-7) as any kind of sovereign this weekend (and truth be told, the Buffalo Bills at 6-2 can credibly claim to be the kings of New York). The rest of the N.F.L. will be tuning into the action at MetLife Stadium to find out which New York team can add a gut-wrenching defeat to an already demoralizing season.For the Giants, a victory would be their first since September. The Jets have lost only three games in a row, but each has been uglier than the last. This game will be hosted by the Jets, and it will be interesting to s

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