This is one smart constituent.

Not everybody who likes Puccini also appreciates Wagner. Either way, the music still takes form. In Naples, the masses would tell you tales of the beautiful, rhythmic and delicate touches that Jorginho used to distribute. Since he has gone, ask any Neapolitan and they will poetically remember a master craftsman, a conductor to an orchestra they once adored.

Now ask the English, a nation besotted by Jurgen Klopp and his Wagnerian football. Fast, frantic, aggressive, what place has Jorginho in this? None it seems, and last season most lovers of the adopted Brazilian simply thought, thank God Andrea Pirlo never went to England. But then, out of nowhere, came Frank Lampard.

Maurizio Sarri owes much to Jorginho. Everything went through him. Yes, we talk of Lorenzo Insigne, Jose Callejon and Dries Mertens in ‘The Trident’, but it would not have existed if it wasn’t for him. To answer the cries from the gantry, ‘What of Marek Hamsik?’ I would request you to look back as he was (when in form) more of an offensive player and wasn’t prevalent in the build-up.

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